Austin Creative Media :: Austin, TX

“How much should I spend on radio advertising? On what stations? In what dayparts? How many spots should run? Is my campaign as effective as it should be? Are the radio commercials working as well as they should?”

These are many of the questions that advertisers look to get answered by the experts at Austin Creative Media.

The Austin Creative Media Planning Strategy:

  • Working with you to define media goals and objectives – including sales targets, frequency targets, campaign length, and more.
  • Using demographic, psychographic, and personality profiles to determine station, format, and daypart selection.
  • Working with you to determine infrastructure capabilities (i.e. are you ready internally with sales teams, call centers, etc.)
  • Test market Selection, negotiation of test market media buys with radio stations, test campaign execution, ongoing monitoring and station accountability analysis, and clear post-campaign analysis to determine maximum effectiveness of message and media placement.
  • Refinements to media strategy, based on market testing.
  • Negotiation and purchase of full rollout with radio stations.
  • Ongoing analysis of station performance and accountability
  • Daily reporting of media performance and comparison with performance benchmarks as defined in the media goals and objectives.
  • Clear, easy to read tracking and measurement tools
  • Post-campaign analysis.
If you are thinking about advertising on the radio, let the experienced radio advertising professionals at Austin Creative Media make your campaign a success. Call us for a free consultation. No pressure, just friendly people who love to help companies succeed with their advertising on the radio.

Radio advertising works – and when done right, it can achieve powerful results.